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Quality content on your website will help your website ranking on search engines. Hire a write with seven years of experience writing content online that gets noticed by not only readers, but searching engines too.

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SEO content targets the audience you want to notice your website. By incorporating keywords into content, search engines know who to show your website to - the people who want to buy from you!

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10 Reasons for Reputation Management Online

reputation management online

Most people don’t think about their reputation online. They think they need to pay more attention to how they speak to people face to face and how they treat them. While these are important reputation factors, it’s not all that matters anymore. Reasons Your Reputation Online Matters #1: People Read What Strangers Say About You

The Best Long Tail Keyword Research Tool

long tail keyword research tool

Keywords are a big deal to those of us who are trying to make it in the Internet world. While the way that keywords are used has changed significantly since the days when people just wrote gibberish and then plopped keywords in between it, keywords continue to be a key in unlocking higher search engine

Why Search Engine Optimization Is More Than Keywords

search engine optimization

A few years ago, people were obsessed with keywords. They wanted to know which ones were used the most, which ones had the least competition, and which ones had the highest conversion rates. They would take the keyword phrases they found and throw them into content as much as possible. It was getting rather ridiculous

How Blogs Generate Leads


When you search for information online, you usually find what you need in an article. This article is usually part of an informational website or a business’s blog. If that website or blog did not have that article, you wouldn’t have found the answer to your question or solution to your problem. Think about your

The Importance of Blogs to Professionals


Does your site have a blog? If the answer is no, you may want to consider getting one. You cannot deny the effectiveness of them. Seventy seven percent of Internet users read blogs. Small businesses that have active blogs generate 126% more leads. Eighty one person of consumers trust the information they read on blogs.


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